Treat, Nourish, Recover. Following just the dynamics of everything that lives, in each action and reaction. 

Extracted directly from the source of perfection, Lana Brasiles treatments, finishers and oils are made with rich raw materials, tested and approved to the most demanding standards. Dive deep into this new cosmetic trend: more balanced formulas and high-performance concentrated actives. 

LANA Brasiles , launched in 2019 and is already present in more than 30 countries, LANA Brasiles has taken to the world the expression of Brazilian originality and a new perception of cosmetics that combines:

• Better functionality
• Lighter and more balanced formulas
• Natural and sustainable actives
• Absolutely ethical values, such as Veganism and Cruelty-free practices

And so they are conquering everyone's hearts as a brand of positive transformations, through a growing line of hair care products, with oils and fruits from the Amazon.  



LANA Brasiles elaborate products equalized to the pH of the hair and scalp, without that multitude of chemicals that end up weighing down and causing a rebound effect. In each formula: simplify, act with focus. No weights, no exaggerations. Treat, nourish, recover, following just the dynamics of everything that lives, in each action and reaction.